James Edgell
CEO / President / Founder

James has served in key leadership positions at IBM, Motorola, Deloitte, McDonalds and successful startups. James brings over 20 years experience in SaaS, Mobile, and Web technologies that contributed to the rapid success of SoftEXIT’s CMS Platform. James extended SoftEXIT’s portfolio with his vision and design of SoftEXIT Groups, a new type of Social Networking platform that will become the next flagship product for the company.

Bill Abraham

Bill Abraham is the Executive Vice President of Sales and Operations. He leads the client-success, marketing, sales, and strategic-partnership teams, managing SoftEXIT customer satisfaction and loyalty. Bill brings over 20 years in Sales and Marketing experience in technology solutions, setting strategic direction, team building, establishing global strategic partnerships and channel partners. He has orchestrated Go-to-Market planning to a variety of verticals markets and successfully grew revenues from zero.