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Finally, your own Private Social Network! NO Tracking and NO Adds. Unlimited usage after $0.99 App purchase, Get it FREE before we activate payments!

SoftEXIT Groups is a new type of Social Network that gives you back your privacy and reminds us of the reasons why we used to like Social Networks.

Post unlimited messages, pictures, links and videos to individuals or groups. Create unlimited groups to segregate your communications, personal communications stay separate from your business conversations, only communicate with the intended recipients. SoftEXIT Groups is streamlined to the basics, to a time before Social Media became intrusive, it’s that simple!

Great for private groups, private clubs, organizations, businesses, or create a public group and communicate with the world, it’s your choice and all in your control.

I take no money from advertisers, this is why I’m ask $0.99 for the app, then it’s free to use for unlimited messaging! Why not gift the app to your friends and family with the share button in the App Store.

Additional Privacy Features include:

  • Unlisting yourself from the Member Directory for personal privacy
  • Unlisting your groups from the Group Directory for more privacy
  • Set group membership access to Manual Approval (most private), Password Approval, Email Domain Approval (only users with verified email domains can enter), or open your group to the world by automatically accepting anyone. It’s your choice!
  • For Added security, we have blocked the top hacking countries where hacking goes unchecked, not everyone is invited.